About Us

The KnowThyself Brand was created by Ivy League doctoral student, bestselling author, motivational speaker, and certified life coach, Crystal Harrell, as a self-actualization movement. 

Self-ac·tu·al·i·za·tion/ self ak(t)SH(ew ela'zaSHen/ noun the fulfillment of one's greatest potential.

Each minimalistic and chic design is intentional and represents an aspect of self-discovery and self-education based on the author's first #1 Bestselling book, Crystal Clear: A Journey of Self-Discovery (From Public Housing to Ivy League), written to empower students globally to go after their dreams starting with the process of knowing who they are and what purpose they wish to serve in this world.
MISSION: Empowering teens and young adults worldwide to begin their journey of self-discovery.
Educate. Inspire. Lead.